Hind Ke Sitara Song Translation & Meaning | From Panchayat S3

Hind Ke Sitara Song Translation & Meaning | From Panchayat S3 lyrics

Poster Hind Ke Sitara Song Translation & Meaning | From Panchayat S3

Hind Ke Sitara Song Translation & Meaning | From Panchayat S3

Singer Manoj Tiwari
Poster Hind Ke Sitara Song Translation & Meaning | From Panchayat S3

Verse 1: “Arey Aisan Manohar Mangal Moorat
Suhavan Sundar Soorat Ho”

  • Translation: “Such a beautiful and auspicious form, with a pleasant and lovely appearance.”
  • Meaning: This verse praises the beauty and auspiciousness of someone’s appearance or character, suggesting that they bring joy and positivity to those around them.

Verse 2: “Ae Raja Ji Ae Raja Ji
Ae Raja Ji Ekare Ta Rahal
Ha Zaroorat Muhurat Khoobsurat Ho”

  • Translation: “Oh King, oh King, oh King, let’s stay together, may the moment be necessary and beautiful.”
  • Meaning: Here, the singer addresses someone with respect, possibly referring to them metaphorically as a king. The verse suggests the importance of being together in a beautiful and opportune moment.

Verse 3: “Arey Humra Janata Babua
GM Hoihein
Na Na Na Na Na Na
E Lalna DM Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Our people, buddy, are becoming GM (General Manager). Oh Lalna, they’re becoming DM (District Magistrate).”
  • Meaning: This verse celebrates the progress and success of the common people, with someone being promoted to the position of General Manager and another to the role of District Magistrate.

Verse 4: “Ae Lalna Hind Ke Sitara
E Ta CM Hoihein
Ose Upara PM Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Oh Lalna, the star of India, they’re becoming CM (Chief Minister). And then, above that, they’ll become PM (Prime Minister).”
  • Meaning: Lalna, likely a term of endearment, is portrayed as a rising star of India, achieving success first as a Chief Minister and then potentially reaching the pinnacle of political power as the Prime Minister.

Verse 5: “Arey Hoihein Vice Chancellor
University Ke Mayor
London City Ke Nu Ho”

  • Translation: “They become Vice Chancellor, the Mayor of the University, known in the city of London.”
  • Meaning: This verse highlights someone’s achievements in academia and administration, attaining the prestigious position of Vice Chancellor and also serving as the Mayor of a university within the city of London.

Verse 6: “Arey Babua Humar Maharaj Hoihein
Raja Dhiraj Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Our lad becomes a great king, a majestic king.”
  • Meaning: This line symbolizes someone’s rise to royal status, becoming a great and respected king.

Verse 7: “Ae Lalna Dhaatu Mein Heera
Pokhraj Hoihein
Sirva Ke Taaj Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Oh Lalna, like a diamond in the metal, they become a topaz, the crown jewel of the head.”
  • Meaning: Lalna is compared to a precious gemstone, symbolizing their exceptional qualities and value. They are described as a crown jewel, signifying their importance and significance.

Verse 8: “Muni Baba Aisan Babu
Gyani Hoihein
Raja Jaisan
Daani Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Sage Baba, such a gentleman, becomes knowledgeable, like a king, becomes a donor.”
  • Meaning: This verse acknowledges someone’s transformation from a sage-like figure to a knowledgeable and generous inspanidual, akin to a benevolent king.

Verse 9: “Ae Lalna Akhila Bhumandal
Rajdhani Hoihein
Baape Jash Khandani Hoihein Ho”

  • Translation: “Oh Lalna, the capital of the whole world, becomes the capital, inheriting the family’s honor.”
  • Meaning: Lalna is hailed as the capital of the entire world, inheriting the esteemed legacy of their family.

The song exudes a sense of pride and celebration for the achievements and aspirations of inspaniduals, portraying them as stars shining brightly in various spheres of life. For original song lyrics and information refer the link.

Written by: Gayatri Thakur Vyas

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